Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year! Part 2

Wow, two blog posts in a row. I can hardly believe it myself. But as I mentioned yesterday, this time of year puts me in a reflective mood. So there you are.

It's funny because at first glance it seemed like the whole year was about me being busy-busy and having no time to focus on my creative needs. It's true, getting back into the 9-5 grind, which, for most folks, is more of a 6 to 7 grind given travel time, etc., was very tough. So I spent the first part of the year continuing with the not-so-new-anymore job, which has been going well,  and finally felt confident enough to drop my 2nd job (my  weekend job) in the early spring. Finally being able to make that step to slow down made such a huge difference. In July, I discovered Paper 53 and Tumblr and used them to do quick, small ipad drawings and blog them in a drawing a day series. It was perfect for my busy schedule, and I fell in LOVE with the Paper 53 app. It made drawing fun and intimate for me again. I could paint and draw anywhere with my ipad, and my toolbox contained a multitude of colors and tools that I could call upon at any moment. I also discovered so many artists and curators out there on Tumblr - they blew me away.

The best part about cultivating the habit to try to do a drawing every day, was how it allowed my mind to finally relax and finally wander. So important. Sketches, doodles, meanderings - whatever you want to call them - allow your mind the freedom to consider new ideas.  Now I'm just so full of new ideas that I can't wait to actually try making them. I'm realistic enough to know that it's a lot easier to dream up ideas - the execution part can get a bit tricky. However, I'm really looking forward to the challenge.

So yay for 2013. It was a lot more creative and fulfilling than I could ever have imagined. The best part - I'm even MORE excited for 2014.

Happy 2014 to you all! May the new year be filled with many magnificent ideas and inspiration!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ready for 2014

I know a lot of people tend to feel a bit blue around this time of the year - after the high of the Christmas season - but I love the way everything slows down. It's so nice to have a little quiet time to reflect upon the past year and establish goals for the new year.

I'm looking forward to taking some time to record this year's momentous events and that will be part 2, but for now I'll just leave you with my resolutions...

I have this habit of setting too many goals for myself and then feeling like a failure when I don't follow through. I'm definitely NOT resolving to blog more because, even though I love blogging, I know it would be too hard a resolution to keep. This year I'm keeping it simple. I resolve to cook more Moroccan food and to learn how to solder. Wouldn't you know, my sweet husband is helping me achieve those goals; for Christmas he gave me a tagine and a torch. What a doll! Anybody out there with a resolution they would like to share?

Wishing the world a very happy, peaceful, and safe New Year!

P.S. The image above was created with Paper 53 - an awesome drawing app.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hello Week!


A couple of drawings from my Drawing a Day tumblr page. Can I just say, btw, how much I'm digging tumblr. I love seeing all the creativity out there. I still want to pimp my page and redo my blog, but I just didn't find the time this weekend. Hopefully soon.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Drawing a Day

Things have finally slowed down enough for me that I'm starting to feel creative again. By slowing down I mean that I now just work one job instead of two. I worked two jobs for as long as I could - a year - and now I'm so so grateful to have relaxing WHOLE weekends to cook, paint, read, etc. And I missed blogging. I've always enjoyed it; even if no one reads my blog, I still like the process and how it inspires me and motivates me to improve my skills.

My latest fascination is with the Paper 53 app on my ipad. So. Much. Fun. I've played around with a lot of painting and drawing programs, but for a doodle app this one is really remarkable. It even inspired me to start a Tumblr blog to record my daily drawing. I'm really looking forward to pimping out my Tumblr page and finally reworking this blog now that I have time. I've still got the Etsy shop closed for now, but I'm looking forward to lots more making and posting. So many interesting things to do...


I'll have lots more to share soon, but here's a small sample of my daily pics. I don't have the stylus, so all images were drawn/painted with my finger.  Finger painting for adults - I love it.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Next Project: Texture

craftsman 2

I find these images from Handcrafted Modern, by Leslie Williamson, so soothing to look at. I really love the variety of texture within a neutral palette, which keeps the rooms looking cozy and sleek instead of boring.

This is just the kind of inspiration I need for my next home project: For a while now I've been wanting to repurpose an Irish sweater into a pillow. The sweater is lovely piece of knitwear from the Aran Islands - it also makes me look like the Michelan Man. If I don't completely unravel the knit, this is a nice way to keep a lovely, well crafted souvenir and add some lovely texture to my home.

I'm thinking it will look something like the picture below. 


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not a Recap - LOVE that floral


Hello World! It's been soooo long since I've had a chance to post. And, yes, I realize that my last post Finding a Balance was all about blogging more and how creativity can sometimes go the wayside when you're busy paying the bills. Let me tell you, though, I'm so happy to be working full-time again. I think I just naturally like to be productive, which is why I tried to stay so busy making things, learning stuff, etc. So now I want to continue making things and learning stuff, but it's just a matter of finding the time. I'll figure it out.

If the above pictures look familiar to you than, like me, you're probably a huge Project Runway fan. Yes, I know many people didn't like Kenley, but I thought she really grew a lot - at least from what we saw on camera. Plus, the girl's got serious style! How many ladies went to the Emmys in a somewhat updated 1950's party dress with clunky taupe shoes? The navy dress was designed by Ven (the guy who has a problem with "real sized" women) and.... someone else, I forget. Anyway, the navy color was some lame project placement thing where they had to design a dress that was the same color as some sponsor's car.

I'm sure a lot of people will cry foul with the judging since technically she was supposed to wear the navy dress to the Emmys, and that was what the judges were supposed to be bearing in mind - i.e. is the navy dress appropriate for the Emmys? Answer: No. It's perfect for afternoon tea, church, a wedding, a cocktail or dinner party. But who cares? That floral number is just so fabulous. And let's face it. Being fabulous is always more important than the nebulous rules of some reality show.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finding a Balance


After a VERY long blogging break I'm finally back! I didn't intentially set out to take such a long break. Actually, after working here and there at a number of different jobs and barely getting by I finally landed a full-time gig. It's been so long since I worked full-time; I forgot how much energy it takes - especially in the beginning when everything is so new.  And then working on the weekends at a part-time job, plus there's cooking, cleaning, shopping....

But I've really missed my creative projects. What I love about blogging is that even if you think no one is out there reading your posts, you're still publicly announcing goals, ideas, etc., which is such a good motivator to follow through. I still spend much of what little I have of free time jotting down ideas, sketching, dreaming about things I want to make, making lists. I even did make a few things these last few months. I just didn't blog about it.

So now that I'm settled in I would like to find a balance between my creative life and my work life.

For those of you who read my Project Runway posts, I had so much fun recapping and wanted to recap again, but I just didn't have the time. Maybe next season. If I were recapping I would not have had anything nice to say about Ven's response to the real woman challenge - grrr!

(P. S. The picture is something I may have posted before. I really need to update my flickr. Anyway, it's a pattern I created, inspired by sea urchins.)